Photo Credit
Photographer: Sergio Pucci
Photo Subject: Rainforest
Location: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Rewilding Earth
Keystone Regenerative Land Projects


To Serve as Stewards for Lands Vital to the Health of Our Planet

We approach each land project through a framework of thoughtful listening, collaborative decision making, inventive thinking, and tireless passion.  Our pursuit is to work with natural systems to increase global ecological vitality and create generations of regeneration.



The Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, is estimated to contain 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. Biologically speaking, this region represents one of the largest opportunities to have a dramatic effect on ecological conservation and preservation. We are focused on restoring vitality and balance to this bioregion through ecosystem restoration, turtle and other wildlife conservation, regenerative agriculture, holistic grazing, and exotic hardwood forestry. One Small Planet is stewarding 2,500 acres of primary rainforest located in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.


Grasslands are one of the most effective, long-term forms of carbon sequestration. While ⅓ of the earth’s land surface was originally grassland, 70% of it has been degraded or desertified.
By restoring desertified grasslands, we can remove carbon from the atmosphere and secure it deep underground, reduce excessive heat, improve water retention, and stabilize and regenerate topsoil. In turn, this will  create resiliency to withstand and mitigate the effects of climate change. One Small Planet is restoring 2,740 acres of cropland located in Western Kansas to native grassland.

Photographer: Sergio Pucci
Photo Subject: Carlos with Ceba Tree
Location: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Photographer: Mei Zu
Photo Subject: Cattle on Grasslands
Location: Wallace, Kansas

Meet our Network of Land Stewards

Joshua Muñoz-Jiménez

Land Steward of Osa Peninsula

Joshua is a passionate regenerative farmer and holistic systems designer. Equipped with ten years of serious farming experience he has greatly improved, designed, built, and managed farms and ranches to success. He is focused on how our mindscape affects external landscapes. How when we operate from a mindset of regeneration or extraction our environment shifts accordingly. He believes that land is an expression of context, which includes everything from geology and water flow over millennia, to interaction with local communities, to the desires and wishes its stewards have for the future. Joshua is currently the Earth Steward for OSP's project in the Osa Peninsula, keenly inhabiting the context of the land in order to steward the holistic design for its future.

Nicolas Rotundo

With a mechanical mind and a botanical heart, for 21 years, Nicolas has melded advanced systems and natural cycles for a comprehensive understanding of the interdependencies of life. Community and collaboration are pillars for Nic and he exemplifies this through all-inclusive stakeholder engagement. He has contributed to holistic design and implementation that values people as integral to lasting change, ranging from scaled agroforestry to ecosystem restoration in 16 countries on over 50 different land bases.Nic bridges the technological and the ecological by developing sophisticated systems for controlled environment agriculture.  Ushering data to new standards in visualization and accountability, Nic has contributed to rewrites in policies and methodologies that require an integrated approach to impact solutions for grazing management, carbon MRV, fire remediation, and forestry. Fostering ecosystems of solutionists and collaborators he has worked with governments contributing to projects like the Green Wall through the African Union, Center for Climate Change of Costa Rica, and collaborations of State parks, Cal Fire, RCD, and NRCS for Fire mitigation and restoration strategies in California.

Julie Mettenburg and the Provenance Company

Land Stewards of Wallace, Kansas

A 6th-generation Kansas farmer, Julie brings a decade of direct land management and a lifetime of farming experience to The Provenance Company and One Small Planet. Beginning in 2014, Julie converted her family farm to Holistic Management. Insights from this experience led Julie and her sister, Leslie, to originate the Regenerative Rewilding business model, based on their shared learnings about ecological and financial transition across the supply chain. As a founder of one of the first Savory Institute accredited Hubs, the Tallgrass Network, Julie subsequently has influenced more than 10,000 acres around the Midwest. In 2022, she earned the highest level of professional certification for the Savory Institute, joining only 12 individuals worldwide at the rank of Master Field Professional. Julie has since grown the Provenance team,  including bringing on her daughter Chloe who's short documentary about their first year of grassland regeneration, The Wallace Project premiered at the Kansas City Underground Film Festival in 2022. The Provenance Team is a group of deeply passionate and highly skilled earth advocates that specialize in regenerative rewilding of the American Great Plains.

Photo Credit
Photographer: Sergio Pucci
Photo Subject: Rainforest
Location: Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica